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About M J Tech

M J Tech was established early in 2008 by Michael Jakeman.

Michael has a very strong Formula One and Sports Car background, having worked for top teams in both areas. He has a wealth of experience in hydraulics, gearbox and car build management including race preparation.

For the last 27 years, Michael has carved a career in motorsport after starting at Williams Grand Prix in 1981 where he undertook an apprenticeship in Mechanical Engineering.

Once he had completed his apprenticeship, Michael continued at Williams on its Race Team as Sub Assembly and Gear Box Number 1 in both cars.

Moving on from Williams Grand Prix, Michael joined Benetton Formula 1 where he managed the Sub Assembly and Gearbox Department before joining the Race Team as Gearbox Technician.

In 1996 Michael became a Trustee of the Grand Prix Mechanics Trust after Sir Jackie Stewart requested him. A year later, Michael moved to Stewart Grand Prix and undertook the role of Manager of Sub Assembly, Gearbox and Hydraulics.

After Stewart Grand Prix was sold to Ford Motor Company, Michael became Car Build Manager for Jaguar Racing where he oversaw Sub Assembly, Gearbox Shop, Hydraulics and Car Build.

In 2004, Michael started working for RML as Chief Race Technician on the Sports Car team where he worked until M J Tech was established.

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